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Team Meeting


School leadership doesn’t have to be lonely!


What is a mastermind?

This is an opportunity to join a facilitated community of school and district leaders from around the country, all of whom are working to solve the new and unique challenges facing educators.  The goal is simple, the commitment is deep, the learning is profound. 



Research shows that the best professional learning focuses on real practice, supports collaboration, models effective practice, provides coaching and support, offers opportunities for feedback and reflection, and is of sustained duration. A  Mastermind does all of that, drawing its strength from the full participation of each member.



“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.” 

-An African Proverb

What topics will we address?

  • Preparing for the 2023-2024 school year

  • Collaborating to identify and grapple with new, emerging challenges

  • Developing the leadership skills that matter most at this time

  • Handling learning loss and learning gains

  • Balancing support of teachers with the need for more engaging instruction

  • Addressing the needs of our most vulnerable learners

  • Re-building a strong and engaging culture

  • Planning professional development



  • Meet twice a month for an hour with a group of 10-15 thoughtful leaders 

  • Ongoing communication, and support between meetings from facilitators and fellow participants

  • Includes readings, tools, templates

  • Opportunities to problem solve your specific issues by taking turns in the  “hotseat” 

  • Three options to pay: - $160 / month.   

       $950 / 6 month            

       $1845 / 1 year

  • Includes a one year subscription to The Main Idea

About Facilitators

Jenn David-Lang, author of The Main Idea, and Mitch Center, owner of Center Educational Consulting, have been supporting leaders across the country for over twenty years. They are now teaming up to convene virtual communities of school & district leaders that will provide resources, feedback, strategies, and support to one another.


“I have always been hesitant to join groups because I was unsure of the value. You have given me a completely new perspective. You have facilitated connections with others. I love the ideas we have shared as well.”

- Maytee Diez, Principal

"Participating in the Mastermind provided a professional anchor for me and helped me stay focused on teaching and learning. It provided clarity and consistency when our world changes as warp speed."


--Hoa Tu, Deputy Superintendent 

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