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“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." Ryūnosuke Satoro

The people closest to a problem are best positioned to solve it, so leaders...let's CircleUp!


What is a Leadership Circle?

A Leadership Circle is a community of educational leaders committed to learning together and solving unique challenges. Every other week we'll gather virtually to celebrate, learn and problem-solve.


We are thinkers, dreamers, change-makers, anti-racist leaders who believe schools are uniquely positioned to change lives and communities for the better.

And we believe it all starts with the leader.



Because we are better together...

Because schools are complex (understatement!), and we need to collaborate with others facing similar circumstances.

Because many of you provide professional learning, but don't take the time for yourselves...

Because nobody has to go it alone...

Because your role is vital to the success of the school, and there is a direct correlation between your success and your students' success...

What types of topics will we cover?

  • Coaching teachers & leaders

  • Leading change (i.e. new reading initiatives)

  • Adaptive Leadership

  • Building learning communities in your school / district

  • Developing self-awareness and honing your own leadership skills

  • Engaging in difficult conversations

  • Building a positive adult culture 


  • Meet for Ten Sessions between August 2024 & December 2024 with a group of 10-15 thoughtful leaders. 

  • Includes TWO hours of 1 on 1 COACHING with your facilitator, Mitch Center

  • On-going communication, and support between meetings from facilitators and fellow participants

  • Includes readings, tools, templates and a book.

  • Opportunities to problem solve on individual challenges and projects in and out of the group.

  • Cost: $2250

About Your Facilitator

Mitch Center has been supporting leaders across the country for over twenty years. He has facilitated 1000+ virtual PD sessions in the past 4 years as a leader of Masterminds and Leadership Circles.


Mitch brings a unique perspective, keen insight and a sense of joy to all his gatherings, and deeply believes that leaders are best positioned to solve the challenges that leaders face.


Truly, he believes that the "answers are always in the room," and that it's our job to share, question and excavate in order to find them! He can't wait to meet you all! 


“Mitch has transformed how we train our new principals and coaches! His workshops are engaging and always leave our participants with practical strategies. I highly recommend Mitch to any school, district or educational system that’s looking for solid leadership-focused professional development!"


Brian Colomban, Assistant Superintendent

"Mitch brings a breadth of experience and perspective to his coaching, but is most appreciated for his ability to gently push new thinking and personal reflection. I have seen my team grow as a result of our work with him. 


--Kelly Tess, Superintendent 

"Mitch has been instrumental in my growth and expertise as a leader. I have participated in many of his leadership circles and have found that they have a tremendous impact."

--Jamiylah Jones, Principal

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