Center Educational Consulting

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We provide tailored one-on-one coaching to school and district leaders


Personalized Leadership Coaching:  Leaders support countless numbers of constituents, but who supports them?  We work with principals and other school leaders as thought partners and co-strategists.  Our experience in high performing schools translates to tailored support for both the new leader wading into unfamiliar territory, or the experienced leader looking to solve persistent challenges. 


District Level Coaching:  We work with new and veteran assistant superintendents, superintendents and other district leaders to help them re-think how they supervise and support the schools they manage.  Fundamental to the coaching is a focus on how to make more frequent and effective school visits.


Professional Learning Networks:  We support networks of leaders through shared learning experiences on a range of topics germane to school leadership.  We facilitate book studies, workshops on strategic planning, effective coaching and instructional leadership, and support the exploration of organically developed problems of practice. 



We partner with schools and districts on long-term strategy and school design


School Design:  We partner with a broad range of constituents – boards, school and district leaders, parents, etc. – to support the programmatic design of new and growing schools.  Having opened new schools and grown existing schools in the past, we work with all stakeholders to design the best possible school experience for kids.


School Reviews:  We partner with governing bodies that provide oversight to schools to conduct independent school reviews.  We provide a full audit of a school’s cultural, instructional and operational quality, with an emphasis on feedback and action plans for improvement.



We craft awareness campaigns, design programs & develop quality adult learning experiences


Awareness Campaigns:  When educators create outstanding products and services, we work with them to raise awareness and increase usage.  Ultimately, kids benefit when the best supports and tools are placed in their hands – we help launch educational contests, write blogs and utilize social media to make connections between schools and the organizations that want to partner with them. 


Program Design & Professional Development:  We work with schools, districts and other education organizations to tailor learning experiences for educators.  For example, we write, revise and review educational materials, and we work with schools and districts to design and implement professional learning experiences for teachers and administrators.