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"As an Assistant Superintendent in Newark, Mitch was part of a team that completely revamped our approach to teacher evaluation and development where he brought fresh thinking and a deep instructional knowledge.  Mitch was not only a principal manager but also a "coach" who supported everything from curriculum selection and implementation, to teacher evaluation, to culture building.  Whether working with a first year principal in a struggling school, or a longstanding veteran in a higher performing school, Mitch spent the majority of his time in schools and classrooms listening to leaders and teachers and challenging traditional ways of thinking to ensure kids are always getting the very best."

Cami Anderson, former Superintendent of Newark Public Schools

"Mitch Center was one of the first school administrators hired when we first began building the Success Charter Network.  At Success Academy Charter Schools we believe in what we call joyful excellence, the idea that schools should be both rigorous and fun.  Mitch embodied this core belief and he brought his intelligence, his high expectations and his creativity to all aspects of teaching, learning and leading in our schools."


Eva Moskowitz, Founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools

“Mitch came to us having been a strong school leader at the Success Academy Charter Network and was one of our first principal coaches in NYC after the publication of 'The Widget Effect'. He helped dozens of school leaders to improve their ability to attract, develop and retain effective teachers.  We were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Mitch in his next position as Assistant Superintendent for Newark Public Schools, where he continued to leverage strong relationships with principals to improve the quality of school instructional teams as well as the quality of instruction provided to students.”


Dan Weisberg, CEO of TNTP

“I’ve known Mitch Center since he was a star principal in the Success Academy Charter School Network (where I was Vice Chair of the board of directors) and then had the pleasure of working with him at my company, LightSail Education.  Mitch is unique in that he has deep experience as a school and district leader, yet he remains passionate and optimistic and energized about literacy and student achievement. At LightSail, Mitch helped us develop content and strategy for a reading contest we launched for our users in hundreds of schools.  He's also researched and written some terrific articles that support us with our mission of turning students into readers.  We have found him to be incredibly insightful as well as really easy to work with, and we are grateful for the creative contributions he continues to make to our work and on behalf of children."


Gideon Stein, Founder and CEO at LightSail Education

"Mitch spent a day with our paraprofessionals teaching reading strategies.  The paraprofessionals found this experience to be quite beneficial.  They learned other means to help the struggling special needs readers they assist in the classroom to comprehend and become more purposeful, active readers..." 

Cathy Palumbo, Special Education Supervisor, Passaic Public Schools

Center Education Consulting customizes supports to help school leaders, district administrators and other education professionals improve the educational experience for kids. Core to our efforts is the belief that schools get better when adults invest in their own commitment to learning.  We coach leaders, collaborate with schools and districts, and create content for education organizations.  Ultimately, we want to support students and teachers by supporting those that have the greatest impact on their experience in school.

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